904 Family Law Case Study

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Meet Ian Founder of 904 Family Law

About 904 Family Law

A little while back, Ian approached us about branching out…and starting his Family Law Firm.

After ten years of working at a large firm, he was ready for a change.

One “minor” problem…

Where would the clients come from?

He was told that he needed to do everything under the sun to ensure his practice was successful but, not one of the of marketing firms he talked to could give him a definitive answer on what tactics would actually help him create a healthy and sustainable business vs. what he could add on later as he became more successful.

That's Where We Came In

Fully Managed PPC Campaigns

Ian hired us to put together a marketing strategy for his firm, and during our initial meeting, we explained that it would be best to focus on an intent-based Google Ads campaign to help drive immediate high-quality traffic to a few landing pages we would create. He agreed to our plan then we were off to the races and within a few days of launching the campaign, his leads began pouring in…

The Law Firm Accelerator program is fantastic, seriously I can't even imagine what it would be like without it. I love having a dedicated PPC expert helping me acquire new customers for my practice. I never have to worry about where or when I will get my next case from, we consistently get 30+ qualified leads every month.

Ian HurleyCEO, 904familylaw.com
Do you want to implement Ian's strategy into your practice?

This case study outlines every step we took to scale his practice beyond 7 figures.

Just click download then fill out the form, and we will email the strategy we used to help streamline Ian's lead generation process so that he could create a sustainable practice.