Our CEO & Your New Best Friend

Michael Saad

My goal was to build a team of subject matter experts that can help any niche lawyer or practice grow without the stress of having to do it themselves. Our done for you intent-based marketing strategies guarantee the right people are seeing your ads and reaching out to your business, so you never have to worry about how you are going to get your next client.

What I Do
  • CEO @ Digital1010
  • 2x American Advertising Award Winner
  • 5 Year Google Certified Partner
  • 12,000+ Leads Generated

How Our Done For You Service Works

Step 1: Meet Your Expert

Sign up to your plan; then we will send you a research & discovery form. After we've received and reviewed your information, you will get matched you with your expert. Your expert will then work with you to get a full understanding of your practice and its goals.

Step 2: Review Your Strategy

10 - 14 days after you meet with your expert, your campaigns will be set up, and you will get the first look at your PPC marketing strategy. At that point, your expert will go through the entire strategy with you, and if any changes come up, we will get them done before we kickoff your campaigns.

Step 3: Start Advertising

Now that the research is complete and your campaigns, landing pages, ads, keywords are grouped & tracking is set, it is time to get the ball moving and start generating leads. Our team will monitor & adjustments to ensure your campaigns are always running at peak performance.

Everything  Managed For You

Our experts will do everything you need to grow your law practice. From creating a custom website unique to your business and landing pages made to convert. To creating and managing all your campaigns ensuring their success. Never worry about keyword research, market analysis, ad copy negative keywords, extensions, and on-going optimizations.

Your focus should be growing your practice and not worrying about how you will get your next client.

We Make It Easy To Keep Track Of Stats That Matter

You will never have to drown in Google’s confusing metrics or mull over huge marketing reports. The Law Firm Accelerator marketing dashboard will make it easy for you to track all the statistics that matter to your business in one place.

Easily Track:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Aquisition
  • Cost Per Click
  • On-page Conversions
  • Calls Conversions
  • Call Recording
  • Emails Conversions

Also, receive monthly updates from your experts on key metrics, changes to your campaigns or any updates happening on your landing pages.

Advertising & Websites

That Don't Suck.

The Law Firm Accelerator makes it easy to work with the best PPC and Website Design experts. Meet your expert and start growing your practice today.

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